Rising Arts Agency Logo Illustration 1.P
Rising Arts Agency Logo Illustration 2_L

I was commissioned by Rising Arts Agency to create two illustrations for their logo. My illustrations were colourful and playful, and each told a story about connecting to the natural world.

The Lantern (1).jpg
The Lantern (1).jpg

These are two poster designs I provided for Colston Hall's music venue, "The Lantern".

Exhibition Poster.jpg
CYN Website banner

My poster design (left) and website banner design (right) for my exhibition at the Creative Youth Network.

Layouts (1).jpg
Layouts (2).jpg

Some examples of my type/image integration skills

Breakthrough Instagram.PNG

Breakthrough Art Fair Marketing on Instagram (left) and promotional video (right)

12 Million Volts book jacket 2.jpg

Book jacket design I made as part of my research as the Assistant Set Designer for Theater Company, "The Outbound Project"

A video I filmed and edited for The Creative Youth Network as part of their lock-down creative tutorial series. 

Some examples of my Illustration, Textile and pattern design work.